The Drop Scale

A company called Drop has made a revolutionary scale, a kitchen scale that is wireless, it connects to an iDevice (iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air and iPad Air 2) through Bluetooth.  That’s it, to interface this item you need an iDevice and the app that Drop makes, it has no screen itself.  So the scale on it’s own is useless, the real magic is the companion app that goes with this scale. When you weigh something the weight is transmitted to your iPad where it is displayed in large numbers.  But it can readjust recipes if you are short on one item.  At the end of the baking session you can take a picture and upload it to Facebook, because we all know that all your friends love seeing food you are about to eat.

Here is the punchline, it retails for $99.

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The Baffling Logic of Apple Products

Did you guys hear about the Apple Pencil? Apple recently announced a line of new products to placate the Apple hoard and eager investors.  The Apple Pencil is a fancy stylus for the creative class, oh and it is going to cost $99. It is a stylus with a seemingly transcendent form factor and has a myriad of features, such as a pressure sensor that detect the minor fluctuation in pressure being applied, it is the quintessential tool for the starv100517-antiapple-gring design student.   Oh yeah, to use it you need the new iPad Pro, which cost $800 for the 32 GB, $949 for the 64 GB and $1,079 for the 128 GB.  News sites are having a good time trying to figure out the Apple Pencil some are discussing the absurdness of it, while others are serving as Apple criers hailing the disruptive changes that the Apple Pencil is going to have on the design caste. But the recent announcement is a good time to talk about the rationality and logic of buying Apple products.

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The Primacy of the Dollar Store

The “dollar store” has become ubiquitous in the urban sphere, Dollarama has spread like Creeping Charlie.  But before the flood of Dollaramas the dollar store itself has been around for awhile, made possible by revolutions of global trade and products made in countries with bottom of the barrel labour standards. The rise of the dollar store, the primacy of the dollar store and the negatives of the dollar store are all explored in this article.

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