The Primacy of the Dollar Store

The “dollar store” has become ubiquitous in the urban sphere, Dollarama has spread like Creeping Charlie.  But before the flood of Dollaramas the dollar store itself has been around for awhile, made possible by revolutions of global trade and products made in countries with bottom of the barrel labour standards. The rise of the dollar store, the primacy of the dollar store and the negatives of the dollar store are all explored in this article.

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Frugal Activity: Geocaching

I’m bored!” the lad says
The lad’s loyal confidant squeals “let’s go to the movies!”
“nah, popcorn cost about $20, plus a $8 soda” the lad responds, he also adds “and I’ve already seen the Avengers go to Pluto like 20 times”
The lad loyal confidant sighs in defeat, “fine, let’s play PS4”
The lad says “Sure, but I have no money to pay for my subscription, so I can’t play Call of Duty 12, Wood’s revenge”

I’m sure conversations go like this frequently – or if not, the point being that people are occasionally bored, despite all the potential sources of stimulation.  Additionally, lots of activities have a very crisp sale tag attached.  Fortunately, there is an activity that is free – providing that you have internet access and a GPS device(a smartphone counts as such), that activity is geocaching.

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