The Primacy of the Dollar Store

The “dollar store” has become ubiquitous in the urban sphere, Dollarama has spread like Creeping Charlie.  But before the flood of Dollaramas the dollar store itself has been around for awhile, made possible by revolutions of global trade and products made in countries with bottom of the barrel labour standards. The rise of the dollar store, the primacy of the dollar store and the negatives of the dollar store are all explored in this article.

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Canada’s Oligopoly: How Canadians are Getting Ripped Off by Big Telecom

can you hear me now?

Originally written in the fall of 2014

Telecommunications is essential to the economy. Big networks and cell towers let Canadians and business connect to each other and the globe. Increasingly more Canadians are getting cellular devices, in fact 81 percent of Canadians subscribe to wireless services. Land lines are getting ditched in droves and people are switching to cellular only.   Cellular companies provide an essential service, but are the prices too expensive?

Why is my bill so expensive?

There are large numbers of reports and studies that illustrate that Canadians pay more than they should for wireless services. The following is a brief summary of some of the major findings.

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