Co-Founders of The Minimalists Talk about Minimalism on NPR [PODCAST]

If you haven’t caught on yet, I listen to a lot of NPR.  Yesterday I heard a very interesting podcast about Minimalism on the program On Point.  Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus, co-founders of the blog The Minimalist discussed the minimalist life.   They both discussed how people should arrange their lives by getting rid of things that do not all value to your life.  They remind us, that it’s not a categorical race to the bottom, but it’s about getting rid of things that do not add value to our lives.  Instead of focusing on physical possessions, it’s about focusing more on things that matter, such as relationships.  We spend much time focusing on the paycheck, life isn’t just about the money. [46:52}


The Rent is too Damn High (NPR Podcast)

I listened to another interesting podcast by WBUR’s On Point program.  Tom Ashbrook et al discussed how rent has been increasing in many cities and the effect it has had.  They also explore the causes of this new rent increase. The amount of people who spend more than a third of their income on rent has been increasing.  This may turn out to be a much larger policy problem than it is already presenting itself to be.  [46:41}



Interesting Podcast: “Is Recycling Worth it?”

From NPR’s On Point a podcast on recycling.

This podcast talks about recycling, a provocative article by John Tierney The Reign of Recycling .  On Point’s host Tom Ashbrook had his guest debate the merits of recycling, while bringing forward interesting details on recycling.  Consumerism is definitely a massive hole in the side of the ship when it comes to the amount of waste that is created, so this 46 minute podcast has some interesting discussion about recycling. [46:56 minutes]