User Product Reviews, How Far Do They Take Us?

Let’s say you’re looking for a new blender.  Why do you need a blender?  I don’t know, something about “healthy smoothies” or something.  You go on Amazon you look up blender and because you want super duper crush technology and “total annihilation mode” you find the XF-8756 Samurai model.   The blades were fashioned by ancient Japanese Samurais, curved blades that look like katana blades. The Samurai blender slices up bananas and protein powder like ancient Samurais did during the  Sengoku period.    So this blender is like $200, while most other ones are $30, but again, you want that total annihilation mode.  So you get this one, you read the reviews because you a smart, independent consumer who ain’t need no salesman.  Basically 90% of them are 5 star, now you can rubber stamp your purchase and be on your way.

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