Video: The High Price of Materialism

The fine folks at the New American Dream put out this video about the high price of materialism.   It gives a quick rundown to the lack of psychological well-being that we derive from a life too consumed with consuming.

Ridiculous Superbowl Mortgage Ad

The bright minds at Quicken Loans put out this border-line satirical ad about mortgages.  Quicken Loans want mortgages to be as easy to get as buying music off iTunes, all within your phone.  Get a mortgage in eight minutes.

Totally tone-deaf, and to resort to an overused piece of historical advice: those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, here we see Quicken Loans gunning for easy mortgages, 2008 is hardly in the rear view mirror.

I also thought it was funny, they suggest that more mortgages means more consumer buying via having to fill their homes.  I actually hear this a lot, but many of the consumer good producers are overseas.  So it’s not like these goods are supporting vast production onshore.  While these things are sold in physical stores, stores that employ and pay taxes, that is not what the ad is suggesting.  But anyway, here’s the ad in question.