Reflections of a Summer of Yard Sales

The bushy leaves are doing their annual transformation, an ephemeral burst of colours before they crisp up and depart from their branches and find their way to the ground to be raked up, blown away by the wind, or soon to be covered by a thin layer of snow, yard sale season is over.

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Interesting Podcast: “Is Recycling Worth it?”

From NPR’s On Point a podcast on recycling.

This podcast talks about recycling, a provocative article by John Tierney The Reign of Recycling .  On Point’s host Tom Ashbrook had his guest debate the merits of recycling, while bringing forward interesting details on recycling.  Consumerism is definitely a massive hole in the side of the ship when it comes to the amount of waste that is created, so this 46 minute podcast has some interesting discussion about recycling. [46:56 minutes]

How to be Frugal: The Role of Information (Part 1)

How can you be frugal? To answer this question, it depends at what kind of frugality you are looking for, are you doing to do a clean cut on the budget, looking to implement austerity?  Just trying to stretch the budget a little further? Just trying to save enough to afford a new hobby? Looking to retire early?  No matter your strategic goal, frugality boils down to decision making.  How do you make good decisions? With good information, information is a necessary condition of frugality, without good information any serious attempt at being frugal will end up in a cloud of confusion and the occasional look at bank statements will be one met with disappointment.

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