Watch Black Friday Madness

Instead of going out in the wanton craziness of Black Friday, enjoy it from the comfort of your screen.


Black Friday, Fearing for Humanity

Black Friday, the one event of the year where people hailing from the lands of anti-consumerism can rally up and show the world how consumerism has transformed our society for the worse. Except every year, Black Friday is a resounding success for retailers (albeit last year sales were down, so there is hope).  People wake up incredibly early to greedily march into line, in hopes of snatching the last tickle me Elmo, perhaps from the hands of a like minded individual who was 2 seconds faster than you, but you, like a soccer hooligan from the slums of Manchester, your unscrupulous ways allows you to snatch the tickle me Elmo from the clutches of your shopping rival.

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