Multi-Level Marketing, Life Leadership: Getting Someone Else Rich

Our model is the trapezoid

“Our model is the trapezoid that guarantees each investor an 800% return within hours of your initial– – Uh-oh! The cops! “- 8F10 – I Married Marge (The Simpsons)

Multi-level marketing(MLM) has been known to me for a while, but lately it’s been front row and centre of my attention. Purported to be the new revolution in sales and marketing and superseding the 1980’s stigma of the pyramid scheme, MLM has allegedly empowered a legion of everyday ‘folk’ to turn into predacious sales personal. These folk turned MLM recruiters flow around like a virus flowing through veins and looking for prospective people to infect and sell products to, however, MLM are just pyramids that sell products (more on this below).   My first initial exposure to MLM was ACN a MLM that sold various utilities. By exposure I mean, someone tried to get me to join but I declined, but my recent exposure to MLM was from a business called LIFE Leadership (stylized as LIFE). How I met the young enterprising man was through a bizarre random encounter at a public park. My first encounter was seemingly very authentic and warm, for a few minutes we were just two guys talking about financial independence, superfluous credit and the general state of the economy. But that façade faded with the full assault of what he was really about: trying to ‘reserve’ a spot for me in the down line.

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